What we do

Investing in promising residential real estate

A lot, a plan, a permit. The potential start of a project enriching a neighborhood and providing above-average returns to investors. Through our close contacts and relationships in the industry we are often informed about the best deals before they come to market.

We continually evaluate many projects in order to select only the best opportunities, carefully monitoring potential real estate investment markets and only investing in projects that have a reasonable and predictable risk/reward profile with the best-in-class, most experienced partners.

Our focus: housing. We strongly believe in residential real estate. That’s our area of expertise.

The power of knowledge

In the United States the value of residential areas are determined by many factors. Seemingly insignificant details may have major consequences. If education is paramount, the ZIP code can be a decisive factor determining whether a child can be admitted to the school of choice.

We have the relevant expertise to do what we are good at: making risks manageable. Structuring and managing the financial aspects of a project in a professional manner, providing investors a proper view on their position, both in terms of risk as in terms of results. Euram co-invests in all of its projects ensuring that the company has the same interests as its investors.